Cartridge Refills & New Ink Cartridges

Ink Refills & Printer Cartridges for most Inkjet Printers.

Save On All Major Brands:

Canon, HP (Hewlett-Packard), Epson, Lexmark, Brother, Dell etc – Ink Refills & Genuine Cartridges.
We sell Genuine OEM Cartridges as well as Refilled Cartridges which bring good savings to you.

We have a wide range of cartridges and can refill ink in most models.

Ink Refills  ink cartridge selection

Here are a few of the cartridge model numbers commonly used with ink refills:

LC 233 PG 645 2 73N 24
LC 135 PG 646 21 200 21
LC 137 PG 651 22 273 15
LC 131 PG 650 60 252 9
LC 133 PG 525 61 254 5
LC 77 PG 526 74
LC 73 PG 521 75
LC 40 PG 510 564
LC 39 PG 511 920
LC 67 PG 640 951
LC 38 PG 641 940
LC 37 PG 5
LC 57 PG 8
PG 3
PG 37
PG 38

Reasons To Refill Your Ink Cartridges from Fast Photos:

  1. 100% money-back guarantee
  2. High performance cartridges
  3. Big Savings – Reduce your office or home printing costs
  4. Free collection and delivery services for local business customers
  5. Convenient local service for East Auckland demographic

We also sell Loose Ink by itself if needed.

Specialised ink for individual cartridges:

Each brand and model have different kind of inks. We use the correct ink for each cartridge.
That is what makes photos printer with our ink better quality, & our cartridges last longer.
We are confident that our refilled cartridges will perform similar or in some cases even better than original branded cartridges.

Ink Filling Machine

Sophisticated Ink Filling Machine

All inkjet cartridges filled are backed by a 100% guarantee.
They have been refilled with the optimum quality & levels of ink.
All ink tanks filled in store using our specialised machine shown above.

Ink Refill – Not Landfill. Lets Keep It Green:

We provide you with a cleaner, greener way to print. Reusing and recycling cartridges is the highest form of environmental responsibility in todays world.
Start saving money while saving the future of our environment.
Lets keep the environment clean for our kids & their future generations.

Inkjet & Laser Printers:

We also take orders for new printers.
If you know the model number of what you desire to buy, come & ask for a quote.
We generally can order any model available in the market and beat the price most retailers in the market offer.
We do take a deposit if you order any printers as these are on a non returnable basis.
We will honour our obligations under the Consumers Guarantees & Fair Trading Act.